About Us

Hydroseeding Supplies (UK) is one of the largest providers of Hydroseeding mulches, consumables and specialist erosion control products in Europe.

Since 2005 we have been sourcing and working with some of the top hydraulic mulch manufacturers in the world to provide consistent supply and top quality Hydroseeding products to UK and European contractors.

HSUK are now proud to be promoting, stocking, distributing and working alongside world manufacturing Hydroseeding product leaders, Profile Products LLC.

Profile Products manufacture the market’s broadest line of erosion and sediment control products, turf establishment products and associated consumables to control erosion and accelerate seed germination.

Only Profile Products offers so many tried and tested Hydroseeding options for the contractor and delivers consistent top quality results.

Site-Specific Solutions for Your Unique Environment As world-leading manufacturer of hydraulic mulch and soil conditioners and an industry leader in technology development, Profile Products is unsurpassed in the development of cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly solutions that meet a broad range of unique project opportunities.

What makes Profile Products unique?

“Profile Products utilizes Green Design Engineering™ to create cost-effective and earth-friendly erosion control solutions. This holistic approach to managing soil and water and establishing vegetation enables our customers to achieve greater project success. We bring proven products, breakthrough technology and unparalleled expertise to deliver superior erosion control through faster and denser vegetation establishment”.

We at Hydroseeding Supplies (UK) carry large amounts of stock and offer next day delivery on all products. We can also help with specification writing, consultancy and contracting services for all your Hydroseeding projects.