“Hydro Turf Ltd have been using Profiles’ range of products for 5 years now and without doubt they are the market leaders in manufacturing Hydroseeding mulches and consumables.

Over the last 11 years of Hydroseeding we have tried mulches from almost all of the large US and Canadian manufacturers and certainly all of the ‘few and diverse’ European manufacturers out there too. The grade and consistency, range of mulches and consumables on offer, the technical support, on-going R&D into new products and having developed industry leading High Performance mulches such as FLEXTERRA and PROMATRIX, all of this makes Profile Products’ line up the only choice for my company in helping to sustain our renowned high quality services to our clients”

– Justin Webster, Managing Director, Hydro Turf Ltd

“EROSION CONTROL in the UK has in the past been solved by using traditional coir blankets, netting or other turf reinforcement blankets.Oliver Brown Ltd has become a certified installer for Profile Products which allows us to install leading edge “hydraulically applied” erosion control systems.

OBL uses the latest hydroseeding materials on the market to save clients time and money by seeding difficult areas that formerly required labour intensive erosion control blankets.”

 – Oliver Brown Limited

“Hydro Mulch 1000 – Gives Immediate Hydroseeding Results!” says Mike

“I only use Hydromulch 1000 because it gives an instant green effect which my clients are happy with. Hydromulch 1000 is an integral part of the hydroseeding process for me, I am confident in the results and that the fibre will disappear into the soil as the seed growth takes over.”

 – Mike Thornton – Aquaseeders Ltd