Accelerate vegetation establishment with Jumpstart.

JumpstartJumpStart is a proprietary liquid formulation containing a soil penetration agent, humic acid and over 200 species of beneficial soil bacteria to:

  • Improve moisture infiltration and retention for faster, more complete germination and uniform stands of vegetation
  • Promote faster nutrient uptake and conversion to get plants off to a faster, stronger start
  • Provide a hormonal plant response to maximize root development and plant stress tolerance
  • Reduce soil compaction and salinity for deeper root penetration

Testing proves JumpStart speeds germination and growth.

An independent trial utilizing the ASTM D7322 test method for Growth Establishment documented a synergistic effect of JumpStart in getting grass off to a fast start.

Compared to the control area after 14 to 21 days, the seeded area with JumpStart experienced:

  • 275% more seed germination
  • 281% greater plant height
  • 115% greater plant mass

JumpStart also improves water infiltration and retention in dry conditions.

jumpstart indep trial

Jumpstart Application

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