Hydro Mulch 2000

Provides protection on difficult sites and conditions.

Our thermally refined wood fibres utilise heat and pressure to break wood down into more fibrous material with greater surface area.

This results in greater yield, higher water retention and increased productivity, which lowers project costs.

Hydro Mulch® 2000 has a premium organic polysaccharide tackifier that is pre-blended within the wood fibre, which ensures enhanced coverage.

Eliminates the extra step and mess of field mixing.

Polysaccharide tackifier enhances the chemical bond within the mulch matrix for better erosion control.

Disperses quickly in water, which allows for better blending with seed and fertilizer.

Ideal protection for critical slopes and sites where weather calls for an extra measure of protection.

Thermally Refi ned wood fibres holds up to 50% more water than competitors products – creating an excellent environment for seed germination.

Non-toxic and environmentally safe.

Maximum slope length of 30 feet (9 m).

Use approved mechanically agitated equipment for optimum pumping and application performance.

Hydro Mulch 2000 functional longevity is ≤ 3 months.


Hydro Mulch 2000 Datasheet
Hydro Mulch 2000 Safety Sheet
Hydro Mulch Brochure 

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